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Hajj Program 7G
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PROGRAM 7Gstart at $6800.00 Mecca First
- Accommodation Hilton Hotel Mecca & Elaf Tibaha Hotel Madina.
- North America camp with air conditioned tents at Mena.
- Occupancy based on room size.


Hajj Progrm 7G Includes:

Round trip ticket NYC/JED/NYC
  • From 1 Dhu-l-hijja to 4 Dhu-l-hijja /25September to 29September (MECCA)
    • - Accommodation in Mecca at Hilton Hotel or similar (5 stars) in the Haram vicinity.
    • - Occupancy based on room size at Azizia, Quad occupancy does not apply.
    • - Breakfast and dinner included (open buffet).
  • From 4 Dhu-l-hijja to 14 Dhu-l-hijja / 28 September to 08 October (AZZAZIA)
    • - Travel with air-conditioned bus directly to apartment building at Azzazia.
    • - The apartment building will be available to access your room during the Hajj Manasek.
    • - Occupancy based on room size.
  • From 14 Dhu-l-hijja to 17 Dhu-l-hijja / 8 October to 12 Oct
    • - Accommodation in Medina at Elaf Tibha Hotel or similar 200 m from the Haram.
    • - 4/5 people in the room.
    • - Open buffet food (breakfast and dinner).
    • - You have full access to your rooms and personal luggage during the Manasik.
    • - Mena in North American tents. Sofa beds will be provided.
    • - Accommodation at Arafat will be in North America camp (5milles from jamarat).
    • - Breakfast box meals will be served (10-12ZH). Dinner box meals will be served (8-11ZH).

All Hajj package includes:
  • All transportation will be in government provided air-conditioned buses.
  • Muslim Scholars will accompany the group.
  • Visit to historic sites in Medina.