Hajj Packages

PROGRAM 5G Mecca First
Accommodation Hilton Hotel Mecca & ELIAF Taiba Hotel.
North America camp with air conditioned tents at Mena.
One way flight to medina or bus.

Start at $6900.00

PROGRAM 6G Medina First
Accommodation Elaf Taiba Hotel Madina & Hilton Hotel Mecca.
1 Dhu-l-hijja to 5 Dhu-l-hijja / 25 September to 29 September.
Accommodation at Mena will be in North America camp.

Start at $6900.00

PROGRAM 7G Mecca First
1 Dhu-l-hijja to 4 Dhu-l-hijja / 25September to 29September.
Mattress and boxed food will be served for each Hajj.
Occupancy based on room size.

Start at $6800.00

PROGRAM 8G Madinah First (No Azzazia)
Round trip ticket NYC/JED/NYC OR NYC/MED/NYC
Accommodation in Medina at Elaf Taiba Hotel
One hot meal daily will be served during the Manasek

Start at $7600.00